WOD: 1-10-13

Strength:  3 x AMRAP of:

Thrusters (18-20 reps)
6 Push Press

All at the same weight and without stopping.

WOD L1: 4 rounds for time of:

300M Row
10 Deadlifts (155/105)
10 Splendids

WOD L2: 4 rounds for time of:

300M Row
10 Deadlifts (225/155)
5 Reverse Wall Climbs


And now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

Sorry for the minor snafu (an actual word) yesterday.  Now that all seems like it is back to normal, let’s talk about habits.  Some people have been asking about eating fruits or using sweeteners (even natural ones like stevia, cane juice, agave) and so to clear the air, none of these will be considered paleo.  The reason being is that the four weeks of the challenge are there to insure that you learn a few things…

  • The quantity of food you are eating
  • The quality of food you are consuming
  • What you can and cannot do without

The first two points are pretty obvious in their importance.  The third point is a tad more difficult to argue.  Can you do without your Italian moms’ lasagna?  Yes you can, but is your habit in consuming such a food preventing you from doing so?  If something is a tradition or just what you are used to doing, your brain accepts without thinking and you could be consuming certain things that are not ideal just because you are used to them.  Awareness of your habits will ensure that you eat well not only during the next few weeks, but also (and more importantly) after them.  The challenge is not just to be good for a bit and call it quits because it’s over.  This is a way to construct the foundation of a healthier lifestyle replete with awareness inside and outside the gym.

As well as the occasional (and imperative) cheat day,




Breaking the habit also means not having a piece of fruit as “dessert”.  Sometimes you just have to eat your meal and be happy with it!


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